Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barbie inspired birthday party

   Hi dear friends!!!  Today I'm writing this post to share with you my 4 yr old girl's Birthday Party!
   We began asking her about her wishes for her party about 4 months ago, and she was very very sure she wanted a Barbie Party.  Oh...  I wasn't very excited with the theme she chose; though I really LOVED Barbie when I was a little girl, I thought: "not yet!  She's still a baby!  She's supposed to like tea parties and teddy bears, right???".  Nope.  She wanted her party to be sparkly and fashionable.  Ok, so she was the birthday girl and I had to make her wish come true.
   The day came.  It was beautiful and sunny, but as usual I was running late.  Very very late.  Fortunately so were my guests!  That gave me a little more time to put everything together, but time is never enough!  I couldn't finish my dessert table.  SO SAD!!!!!  I bought a lot of ingredients for lots of sweets that I know everyone would've loved, but since I tried to do everything myself I failed to accomplish what I had in mind.  And with "everything", I mean EVERYTHING: decorations, favor bags {which I didn't take a picture of, duhhh!!!}, desserts, cake, kids activities and games, and even photography!  ...really too many things to be in charge of, and also trying to be a good host?  Not possible.  At least not for me.  Not yet.  But enough complaining.  I'm gonna try to show you now what I did like about the party.  The weather, the centerpieces, the cake, the favor bags {I don't have a picture of these, but I will try to get one!}, loved all the people who came, but what I liked the most It was seeing my little girl enjoy every part of this, since I started making the decorations, shopping, looking for her dress, making the cake and the actual party!  It was all worth it.  And I really thank GOD for making all this possible.  He always blesses us with a home full of people that we love and know they love us back! 
   Now that I made you read all this {you read it, right?}, I'm gonna show you the details!  I hope you like them!!!

"Barbie, a fashion fairytale" inspired birthday party"

Decorations in  progress
Presents starting to arrive
Kid's Table

I put some snapshots of my girl on the centerpieces...  She's so photogenic!
Beautiful girls at play!
Crafts time!
Watching my little artist
She had so much fun!

"Barbie, a fashion fairytale" inspired party!

The centerpieces
Candy, favors & cake table
Barbie Cake
What girl doesn't love Barbie?

So, this is what we {hubby and I} were able to capture...  I'm not very proud of these pics, but I'm happy we have these memories.
Oh!  And last one:

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  Have a great day!   
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